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AllCheck FOB Card is a rapid chromatographic test for the
qualitative detection of human hemoglobin in feces.


  • Detection of Fecal occult blood(FOB)
  • Sample type : Fecal
  • Materials provided : Device&Sample collection tube containing sample diluent, Zipper bag




  • Screening test for early detection of colon cancer 
  • No cross reactivity with animal blood
  • Rapid testing within 5 minutes

How to use & Result interpretation

  • Sample collection and Run : 

    Shake thoroughly the fecal sample with the sample dilent 

    Apply 2 drops after removing the bottom cap of the tube 

    FOB 영문용.jpg

  • Result interpretation 

    BV CV FOB hpylori 영문용 결과 그림.jpg

Ordering information

Cat.No Product Type Pack Size Sample type Stability Shelf life
 CHR05D AllCheck FOB Card Multi Device 50T/Box Fecal 1~30℃ 24 Months
 CHR05B  AllCheck FOB Card  Device  30T/Box Fecal 1~30℃ 24 Months